Computersied Gait Analysis

Here at Phoenix Recovery Centre we offer a comprehensive assessment of the foot and lower limb biomechanics. Our Sports Chiropractors will determine based upon your history and biomechanical assessment whether a functional orthotic maybe indicated in order to speed up or compliment your recovery.

We use the latest technology in foot assessment which involves a computerised 3D scan of the foot and biomechanical lower limb clinical assessment including structural and functional discrepancies in leg length, ranges of joint motion and evaluation of muscle activity  in order to prescribe a customised functional orthotic.

Traditional orthotics made of rigid inflexible materials are designed to block excessive pronation effectively acting as functional blockers. This approach often provides limited success as individual functional data may not be applied.

Functional orthotics are individualised to patient and are contoured to the foot correcting discrepancies that may be noted in the 3 arches of the foot.


Ensure better posture and support chiropractic adjustments by getting orthotics made especially for you.

If your feet don’t get proper support from your footwear, activities such as walking, running, and jumping will force your body out of alignment, causing stress and fatigue to major joints and muscles, which in turn will cause pain and reduced performance. Devices commonly known as orthotics are highly recommended as they are designed to reinforce your feet, saving you from the pain and discomfort of a misaligned body. However, over-the-counter orthotics support just one arch of the foot; we support all three and that’s our 3 Arch Advantage.

The feet are the most abused parts of the human body. From regular activities such as walking and running to more intense actions such as dancing and playing sports, the feet consistently absorb the force generated by body weight and gravity combined. And without proper support, your feet will be overwhelmed by the constant stress. This will lead to arch pain or plantar fasciitis–a very common condition affecting the plantar fascia that can be difficult to treat if not looked after properly.

Other conditions you may develop from unsupported arches include: low back pain, neck pain, hip pain, and ankle pain. Click here for more ailments.

To ensure that your feet stay in good form, orthotics are often recommended. However, it’s important to note that not all orthotics are made the same. Most orthotics, especially over-the-counter varieties, are designed to only assist a single arch on each foot. Such generic products often overcorrect one arch, causing more harm than good and shifting pain and discomfort from one area of the body to another. Furthermore, over-the-counter products may not be very durable, and may result in more costs due to frequent replacement.

Here at Phoenix Recovery Centre, we recognize there are three arches that form the plantar vault, and all three need orthotic reinforcement to properly support your body. With our 3 Arch Advantage (By Foot Levellers) you get maximum support in all three arches, providing a solid foundation for your body, your kinetic chain.

3arch-footThis is why we offer individually designed Functional Orthotics based on digital images or impressions of your feet. This ensures that our products are tailored to your specific functional needs for longer-term symptom relief.

Ensure better posture and support chiropractic adjustments by getting orthotics made especially for you.

Aside from providing products for everyday use, we also design orthotics for runners. These specialized Functional Orthotics are made to endure even more rigorous activities.

Anyone who wears a functional foot orthotic can attest to their importance and how they have helped them become better and more efficient.